Web copywriting – Are you a proficient writer?

Are you a proficient writer? How many words can you write in a day? How many different ways of saying the same thing can you usually come up with? Do you know how writing for the Internet is different from writing for a brochure or a newspaper? All of these are extremely relevant questions when you come to the question of putting together some communications or marketing materials. Will you do this yourself or ask a professional for help?

Web copywriting does not necessarily sound like a daunting task. It’s just some words put together on a screen, some might say – and they would be very wrong. Incorrect wording can destroy perfect messaging. Improper formatting can drive away paying customers. Poorly created online communication materials can doom a successful project. We are not just being dramatic here.

As you may have heard, modern humans’ attention spans have been dropping, while reading skills have been following suit. One of the solutions companies and organizations have been turning to is creating videos and podcasts. Another is turning to social media. In both of these, web copywriting is an essential basic skill.

Have you ever watched a YouTube clip that had the feel and look of a PowerPoint presentation or a business report? We likely all have. Writing for the web means ensuring that the medium is correctly reflected in the length, style, and composition of your text. A video script is a must if your video is to be watchable and have the potential to go viral. Simple unprepared narration will not get you anywhere.

A blog is a unique communication medium that has only made an appearance in the Internet era, replacing or overtaking many others. What is sometimes misunderstood as a private space to vent is, in fact, a powerful platform for your business or organization to attract customers and followers through a more informal and casual approach to discussing the topics you are passionate about. Not having a blog today is somewhat similar to not having a business card when approaching a potential client in person.
There are many other types of web copywriting as applied to particular text types, but what all of them share is the need for appropriate style and formatting, correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall writing mechanics, and appreciation of the context in which this newly created text is going to find itself. Can you do it yourself? Possibly. Maybe – but is that the level of confidence you want to have associated with your business or brand?

A professional web copywriter would be the recommended way to go about this. After all, just as you know your business or industry inside and outside, a professional web writer knows exactly how to present information online in such a way that would bring your customers to you, generate sales and media attention, and promote what is best about your team and organization. Importantly, always choose the copywriter that has years of experience and a diverse skill set.

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