Text editing – Why?

Sometimes, you may feel that you have all the skills (and time) needed to write a great text for your online or offline presence – and that is great too! However, as any professional copywriter will tell you, once you write a text, editing and proofreading it may be just as hard as the composition itself. Why? Research shows that people that are familiar with what a particular text should say, may be victims of their own brains replacing what is actually on the screen or paper with its expectations for what it should be. As a result, proofreading and editing your own text may be a daunting task.
Text editing is usually done by the same professionals as are able to write the text in the first place, but that is not necessarily the case. Some companies specialize in editing only, while others see editing as a minor task that is done between the copywriting and the printing of the final product, for example. No matter who does your text editing for you, ensure that they have the experience, expertise, and qualifications to do a superb job.

When editing a text, there are a few particular features to look closely at, which include: writing mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar, all of these great things), style, and keyword inclusion and SEO. Let us quickly go through each of these separately.
Writing mechanics is what keeps many a school student awake at night before important exams, but it is also one of the first factors that can make or break a particular text. If you have a great new idea, but cannot put together grammatically correct sentences, the idea will likely never come to the realization stage. As much as a single missing comma in a resume or cover letter can cost you the interview or the position itself. Worth the risk? Doubtful.

Style is just as important. Formal and informal is the basic division, but then there are also appropriate and inappropriate styles of writing to use when intending to post something on a blog, on Facebook, on Instagram, in a company newsletter, and so on and so forth. The correct style, just like correct sentence structure and spelling, will help your text achieve the desired communication goal.

If search engine optimization and keyword inclusion are important for a particular text, then your editor should be aware of the specifics when looking at your text. Ensure that keywords are included in a natural and smooth fashion, so that they do not stand out and break the flow of a text. If SEO is a major criterion, hire a text editor with background and experience in this particular skill.

Text editing is not to be taken lightly, done over a lunch break or while preoccupied with a “more important” project. It is a crucial part of the text creation process that needs to be given your full attention at all times. Thankfully, with the help of a professional, you can forget about this extra headache.

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