Social Media – Have you heard about this new fad of something called social media?

Have you heard about this new fad of something called social media? We are joking, of course. Social media is no longer new, nor is it a fad, nor is there anyone now that could have possibly missed the memo on this particular part of modern life. Social media is here to stay, a powerful tool that is often misunderstood, misused, or undeservedly ignored.

Should your organization, company, or personal brand as a professional be on social media? Absolutely. Should you be on all possible social media channels at once? Only if you have the time and content to fill all of this space with. Can’t you just copy and paste the same information on Twitter and then Facebook and then Snapchat and then Instagram and then YouTube and then whatever else you may think your customers may be using? Oh no, that is an awful idea.

Any social media marketing professional worth their title will tell you that social media needs to be taken seriously. It is not a game nor is it a racing game about who posts mosts often or attracts the most hits or likes or follows in a particular period of time. Just like many other elements of your marketing and communications efforts, social media needs to be given sustained and consistent attention with regular meaningful updates that serve a purpose.

Social media is where your potential and existing clients and customers are to be found at any time of the day, but that is also the space where obnoxious and persistent attention to those people may constitute a violation of behavioural norms or be considered akin to harassment and trolling. The texts and images that you post must be tasteful, thought through, inciteful, unique, and, importantly, yours. Ready to take on this challenge? That’s great – just allow us to delay you a bit more with a few tips on social media writing and management.

Some texts are not meant to be online, just as some are not meant to be offline – just think of the last time you saw someone using a string of emojis in a printed text. Social media professionals know that it takes a particular style of writing to meet the acceptability and favourability criteria of particular social media types. Some social media needs extremely short messages, others favour graphics, others are made up of mostly animated GIF images, and yet others can include a diverse multitude of videos, sound files, images, and long-form texts.

No matter which social media you are starting out on in particular, ensure that your writing and audiovisual materials are grammatically correct, stylistically appropriate, and respectful of copyright and authorship laws. Schedule your posts according to when your target audience is online. Interact with this audience on a regular basis. Finally, if all of these things seem to be too much to handle just at present, consider investing in hiring the services of a professional in this particular area of marketing that has the skill set and experience to move your project to the success it deserves.

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