Readability and credibility : too important to overlook!

Our talented and qualified linguistic reviewers can keep your texts error-free.

Credibility is key to a successful business. It brings new clients, gives you an edge over competition and boosts your sales. While reliable products, impeccable customer service and competitive prices will make you stand out, your company’s image will (or won’t) bring you new customers and projects.

For Web or print (pamphlets, articles, advertisements, etc.), you need impeccably written communications, free of spelling, grammar, syntax or punctuation errors. Poorly written texts riddled with errors can drive away potential clients and can impact your reputation and credibility. If you have to decide between two companies offering the same services at comparable prices, which one will you choose? You’re likely to focus on the image projected by each company.
Websites or paper communications with clean, impeccably written copy speak volumes about your services. Now, even search engines get the importance of quality texts; websites with articles full of errors are relegated to the bottom of the search results. The quality of publications is essential to visibility.

Seeing beyond mistakes: linguistic reviewers

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses; you know that some tasks should be handled by experts. You may be a talented wordsmith, but a second look from a different set of eyes can offer a new perspective on your writing. Even the world’s best writers use linguistic reviewers to re-read and refine their work. Linguistic revision is more than removing the occasional typo. A good linguistic reviewer identifies awkward phrases, anglicisms and style mistakes, as well as repetitions (ideas and formulations) and inconsistencies, producing clean, error-free texts. The point is to improve both form and content of your writing.
There is a whole range of software designed to identify and correct errors (Antidote is probably the best known). If you already use these, all the better! However, nothing compares to the eye of a reviser: while software is increasingly powerful, it still doesn’t catch every mistake and can’t evaluate the language level of your readers or correct stylistic errors. Linguistic reviewers have the tools of the trade at their disposal, including spell checkers, to deliver quality copy. Revision is an intermediary service that improves your communications and can help to better reach your clients.
We work with seasoned editors and offer unparalleled revision service that will exceed your expectations and boost your reputation. For clear, concise, consistent and error-free texts, call Dix-Fusion’s text editing service!

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