How important is content ?

Do you have a website? Do you want to see it at the top of the search engine results? Your first instinct will likely be to research the most important factors in optimizing your site’s SEO: loading speed, social networks, keywords…and content.

Content can make or break a website. It attracts users and hopefully, turns them into clients. Content gives you an edge over your competitors, but you need the total experience; tone, style, readability, topics covered, professionalism, etc. In a world where everything seems to move at lightning speed, it’s more important than ever to quickly capture the user’s attention. It takes only few moments to have an opinion about your business. Your business expertise isn’t enough; you need sharp writing and a rich vocabulary. The goal: to turn visitors into customers!

To that end, you want to offer content that answers the questions of visitors to your site. It helps establish your reputation and position you as a standard in your field. When you visit a company website and see poorly written text, spelling mistakes, or jumbled, confusing text that’s hard to read…would you want to work with them or buy their products? Probably not. Content and experience are part of your products and services and offer the client or consumer a window to your business. Clear, well-written texts with captivating, original content show professionalism, expertise and commitment.
A visitor to your site shouldn’t have to visit your competitors’ to get answers to questions. You need to cover all topics in your field. Too-shorts texts that gloss over topics or fail to meet users’ expectations (e.g., misleading title which doesn’t match the content) can be costly. Google and major search engines analyze your content to determine relevance. The criteria change regularly, but there is one constant: quality. If you want visitors to linger on your site, to encourage them to interact or share it on their own social networks, you need unique content. And plagiarism is just not an option!

Writing for your readers

Now that you understand the importance of content, ask yourself if you’re skilled enough to write for your website. It’s not uncommon to believe that web writer is simply someone who has writing skills, but it goes beyond writing. Yes, you need to be able to write and present your ideas clearly, but you have to be proficient enough to avoid mistakes. Web editors consider text readability, to make sure everyone understands the topic. A major challenge of writing, especially for specialists in their field, is to make topics accessible to all.

You might want your site to be at the top of search engine results, but you also have to think of your readers. Texts that seem “too” formatted won’t work. Vocabulary, the tone of articles or level of difficulty of the topics differ according to your needs. The web writer’s role is to create quality, well-structured content for the right target audience.
Our experienced editors can create content for your website, blog or newsletter. To learn more about this service or to use the service of one of our editors, contact us now!

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