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In love with words and books, Catherine holds a degree in professional publishing and a master's in French literature. Her studies took her to New Brunswick where, after two publishing internships, she worked as Manager of Emerging Technologies, supervising production and marketing of audio and digital books. When she returned to Quebec, she took to freelancing full-time. Her true love is working on texts, playing with words and translating the author's thoughts as clearly as possible, with her customary thoroughness and dedication. When she's not working, she's just as passionate about music, theater, travel, the outdoors and of course... books!


« Being part of a successful team is my true motivation. » There are words to describe, to offer, to make us laugh, to translate, words caught up in search engines to shorten for the reader. I like to make words move….I'll lead or follow your guidelines. I've been with Dix-Fusion for over three years. I have extensive writing and editing skills from working at promotional agencies, thematic writing and infomercials for different media. I create and revise various texts based on the client's needs and on the broadcast platform. My mission is to put my writing skills at the service of the client, with clean, meticulous French copy for optimal communications. I've honed my web writing skills in recent years through courses in SEO (Dév. Économique Laval) and Internet and marketing strategies for the Web (OptiWeb Media)


Before turning to a translation and writing career, Mélanie worked in the arts, alternative health care and sales. It was inevitable that her love of words, which began in childhood, would be her profession. After living in England for 8 years and refining her English language skills, she returned to Quebec to work in written communications. Melanie's specialty is the business sector, especially advertising and marketing, where she lent her expertise to several major corporate projects. She also contributed to the success of several renowned local and international companies, adapting and designing digital content and business documents, including promotional campaigns for consumer goods and blog posts. Creative and energetic, Mélanie is motivated by the satisfaction of her clients and colleagues. She's meticulous about her work, investing time in every detail. For Mélanie, the greatest show of appreciation is a loyal, satisfied clientele that keeps coming back.


Always a voracious reader, Mariane took to writing as a teenager, creating all manner of fanstastical or bizarre stories with her best friend, which inspired her to study arts and literature. She has a bachelor's degree in literature, and two certificates in writing and translation. In late 2013, Mariane officially entered the full-time job market, first working at various companies before starting her own business, offering translation and writing services to various agencies and businesses. Mariane has been collaborating with Dix-Fusion since May 2014, occasionally at first and on a regular basis since June 2015. Along with English-to-French translation projects, particularly in fashion, occupational health and safety, commercial and administrative communications, she has contributed a number of articles and blog posts on a wide variety of topics for our clients. With her analytical abilities, creativity and keen sense of observation, Mariane is adept at all types of documents and delivers a concise and effective message. Recently, along with her many other projects, Mariane contributed to the translation of a book on personal development.


Julie's true love is words. While math always gave her a headache, correcting and writing always came easy to her- so easy that she made it into her profession. For ten years, she worked as a journalist in the mass media, where she had the opportunity to combine writing, TV and radio reporting. Her quick thinking and curiosity make her an effective and thoughtful editor who can handle any subject. Julie was part of a synchronized swimming team for over a decade. She's a great athlete who likes to push her limits and take on new challenges.



Josh has worked as a journalist and copywriter. He currently writes about the tourism industry, environmental issues, history, science, airlines, hotels, weddings and honeymoons, Southeast Asia, personal finance, and nature. Josh’s work has appeared on the environmental site Mother Nature Network, the travel publication Travel Pulse, Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN.com, and FoxNews.com. He has also written for a variety of content producers, web development firms, and advertising agencies about everything from solar panels to Bitcoin to tropical island real estate. His copywriting philosophy is to draw readers in with an interesting hook, but then give them unique insights and information that they won’t find anywhere else. In his free time, Josh travels frequently, but he always returns to the Midwestern U.S. because that is where the best craft breweries and coffee roasters are located. When he is on the road, he seeks out destinations with great street food and lots of bookstores (and, preferably, agreeable weather).


Marlene has been collaborating with Dix-Fusion for 2 years as a translator. After 15 years as a contributing journalist in the IT sector, Marlene decided to put her skills to use in French to English translation. Her articles appeared in various trade publications, as well as the Montreal Gazette, HOUR, Wired Online and others. "I saw that my experience and skills in journalism and editing could be valuable assets," she says, adding that she saw more opportunities in translation than she did in journalism. "I noticed that agencies like Dix-fusion seemed to need translators into English and it was an avenue I decided to pursue." She found that her journalism experience was an asset in other ways- working under pressure, efficiency and meeting deadlines. She discovered she particularly enjoys translation for marketing, advertising and public relations because she says it allows her to use her writing skills and facility with "advertising lingo". Marlene collaborates with a number of agencies and is always seeking more opportunities, calling it a "never-ending process." She ranks Dix-Fusion among her most reliable and favoured clients for their interesting projects and helpful staff.



Possessed of an inquiring mind, Karen is a skilled project manager, web writer, content translator and editor. A communications and language professional, she has a degree in communication and journalism, as well as studying in marketing, communication management, French writing and creative writing. At Dix Fusion, she applies her facility with words to translation (French-Spanish / Spanish-French / English-French) or revision. Karen is known for her meticulous work and ability to popularize information, giving a creative touch to content while producing clear, relevant texts that connect with target audiences. Karen has contributed to designing communication and awareness campaigns, creating communication-marketing plans, producing websites, writing texts and optimizing content. She has also directed multidisciplinary teams and worked as a strategist and advisor. Playing with words is what fascinates her. Her free time is spent reading and writing fiction that reflect her perspective of Latin-Quebec world.

International staff


Alfonso is experienced and versatile in translation and multilingual services. He's committed to providing courteous and personalized service and communicating with the clients throughout the process. Projects are carefully coordinated from receipt to delivery of the final document.