Ebook – Is e-publishing for you?

It is a known truth about modern times that people generally tend to read less, especially on paper. What is, however, important to point out is that electronic books, or ebooks for short, have taken over a large segment of this readership that good old-fashioned page and cover books have lost. Is e-publishing for you? If you are in step with the times, it certainly should be.

Putting together an ebook starts with the same amount of rigorous planning and note-taking that traditional publishing would have required. The content, the ideas, the interesting material must be there to begin with – otherwise, your ebook will be lost in the enormous ocean of information created and used on a daily basis. Once you know what it is you are putting into the ebook, and have conducted some analysis to find your potential readership, you are ready to go to the next step.

Writing a text may take you a significantly longer or shorter time than others, depending on your original ideas, your typing speed, and how friendly you are with technology. From the first notes to a rough draft to a final draft to the final product, your text will go through numerous transmutations. Grammar, style, sourcing of information, formatting, and illustration and design are all steps that will come into play at one point or another. For texts beyond a few pages, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional writing and editing, proofreading and publishing agency or organization.

It’s my book – I will nurse it like my own child and help it achieve success, you may say, ignoring the important fact – hiring a professional to help you through their years of specific expertise and knowledge base is not an admission of defeat in a self-publishing project. If anything, hiring such an expert is the claim to success, the statement of trust in your project’s ability to achieve such distribution and sales and readership that would necessitate professional involvement. Not all ebooks are created equal, nor should they be.

An ebook writing and publishing guru (or guru team) will guide you through the process and greatly smoothen out the edges for you. Does your Word document look awful when turned into a different format that Amazon accepts? These people can help. Does thinking about metadescriptors and search engine optimization make you cringe? Let them do the heavy lifting on this also. Why should you waste the time on ebook formatting, distribution, and placement when you could be using it instead on your own field, your own passions, your own interactions with customers?

Importantly, not all traditional publishers offer a comprehensive ebook service. Make sure that whoever you hire has experience in this field specifically. The requirements and procedures to jump through in order to have a successful ebook project may look scary at first, but with proper assistance, you will be moving on to your next or follow-up great ebook in no time. Would you like to start today?

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