Communications : their role in successful business

Your role as entrepreneur or business is to create and generate sales, reach new clients, and grow. International success means reaching new audiences with new markets, and to do that, you need to translate your documents (service offers, social networks, newsletters, websites, e-mails, advertisements, etc.) to make them accessible. Most Internet users search in their mother tongue, so it involves more than just translating your communications into English for an international audience. You may want to use translation software such as Google Translate or the services of an employee who speaks several languages.

Before you decide, you need to understand your brand’s importance to the success of your business. Your communications reach and attract new clients and business: your website, social networks, newsletter and advertisements are the contact with your products and services. Don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions! A good brand starts with impeccable communications. Translation errors can make people laugh and talk about you, but do you want that type of notoriety? That’s not the way to establish credibility. In fact, you may lose the trust or respect of your customers.

What makes a good translation?

Consumers look for quality and reliability. Imagine that you’re looking at two similar products, but one has a production manual riddled with anglicisms and incomprehensible sentences, the result of poor translation. You’re more likely to choose a product with clear, well-written instructions. Keep this in mind when developing your communications: a good translation shows that you take your business and customer satisfaction seriously.

Your colleague may be bilingual or trilingual, but is he really? Translators are multilingual professionals who speak several (at least two) languages perfectly. Becoming a translator requires several years of university for a degree in translation. A professional translation will be far superior in quality to an automatic translation. One such example: the Translation Bureau of Canada had issues with their own software: it’s raining cats and dogsWas translated c’est la pluie les chats et les chiens.” The sentence makes no sense to unilingual French speakers.

Using translation services helps avoid common mistakes and anglicisms while respecting the rules of the language (spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, etc.). Translators can identify expressions, images or proverbs that don’t translate, such as “the rain is coming down in buckets” or “don’t beat around the bush”. Different languages, different cultural references; that’s why translators consider accents, habits and customs of the target audience. The purpose is to convey your message using your clients’ voice as much as possible. One misplaced comma or badly translated word can completely change the meaning of your sentence!

Translators specialize in different fields and speak different languages. We work with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and can suggest the best translator for your project and your business. We offer translation services in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian. Contact us now to learn more about our translation service.

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