The Path to Translation

The path to being a translator isn’t always conventional. While most translators begin by studying translation and obtaining a degree, then certification, I began by studying Journalism and communications. I’d planned on working for newspapers or in broadcasting. Online journalism in the 90s was not an option as it is today and the market for […]

Text editing – Why?

Sometimes, you may feel that you have all the skills (and time) needed to write a great text for your online or offline presence – and that is great too! However, as any professional copywriter will tell you, once you write a text, editing and proofreading it may be just as hard as the composition […]

Web copywriting – Are you a proficient writer?

Are you a proficient writer? How many words can you write in a day? How many different ways of saying the same thing can you usually come up with? Do you know how writing for the Internet is different from writing for a brochure or a newspaper? All of these are extremely relevant questions when […]

Ebook – Is e-publishing for you?

It is a known truth about modern times that people generally tend to read less, especially on paper. What is, however, important to point out is that electronic books, or ebooks for short, have taken over a large segment of this readership that good old-fashioned page and cover books have lost. Is e-publishing for you? […]